Taurus Steakhouse Full Bar List

Welcome to the taurus steakhouse Full Bar List. please use the search box located below to explore all our alcoholic beverages. You can sort the drinks by the titles of each column. 

You can also enter key words such as “scotch”, “cognac”, “bourbon” or “france” to discover your options!
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P.S. Please drink responsibly.


Prices shown are per glass. 
1968 Veuve GoudoulinArmagnacFrance N/ABrandy$250.00
AberlourSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$14.00
Aberlour A’BUNADHSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$24.00
ArdbegSingle Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland10Scotch Whiskey$17.00
Ardbeg “Traigh Bhan”Single Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland19Scotch Whiskey$80.00
Auchentoshan “American Oak”Single Malt WhiskyLowlands, ScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$11.00
AuchroiskSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland9Scotch Whiskey$16.00
BalblairSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands21Scotch Whiskey$75.00
Balvenie “Caribbean Cask”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland14Scotch Whiskey$19.00
Balvenie “Doublewood”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$18.00
Basil Hayden’sBourbon Kentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$12.00
Basil Hayden’s Dark RyeRye Kentucky, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$12.00
Bender’s Rye WhiskeyRyeCalifornia, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Benrinnes 1995Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland19Scotch Whiskey$64.00
Bib & TuckerBourbonTennessee, United StatesN/ABourbon$14.00
Blair AtholSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands23Scotch Whiskey$135.00
Bruichladdich “Octomore”Single Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland10Scotch Whiskey$46.00
Bruichladdich “Port Charlotte”Single Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland10Scotch Whiskey$20.00
Buffalo TraceBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$9.00
BulleitBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$9.00
Bulleit RyeRyeKentucky, United States12American Whiskey$14.00
Bulleit RyeRyeKentucky, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$9.00
BushmillsSingle Malt WhiskyIreland21Irish Whiskey$60.00
BushmillsSingle Malt WhiskyIreland16Irish Whiskey$32.00
Calumet FarmBourbonKentucky, United States N/ABourbon$14.00
Camus VSCognacFrance N/ABrandy$16.00
Camus VSOPCognacFrance N/ABrandy$18.00
Canadian ClubBlended Canadian WhiskeyCanadaN/ACanadian Whiskey$9.00
CardhuSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$18.00
Caribou Crossing “Single Barrel”Canadian Single Barrel Whiskey CanadaN/ACanadian Whiskey$18.00
Chivas RegalBlended Scotch Whiskey Scotland 12Scotch Whiskey$10.00
Cles des Ducs XOArmagnacFrance N/ABrandy$30.00
ClontarfBlended Irish WhiskeyIrelandN/AIrish Whiskey$9.00
ClynelishSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands11Scotch Whiskey$21.00
Coal ilaSingle Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$24.00
Coldcock Herbal WhiskeyAmerican WhiskeyKentucky & Florida, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Compass Box “Peat Monster”Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey Scotland N/AScotch Whiskey$18.00
ConnemaraSingle Malt WhiskyIreland 12Irish Whiskey$20.00
Crooked FoxBourbonKentucky & Tennessee, United StatesN/ABourbon$10.00
Crown RoyalBlended Canadian WhiskeyCanadaN/ACanadian Whiskey$10.00
Dalmore Single Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands12Scotch Whiskey$17.00
DalmoreSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands18Scotch Whiskey$55.00
Dalwhinnie “Distiller’s Edition”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland18Scotch Whiskey$31.00
DaronCalvadosFrance N/ABrandy$16.00
Four RosesBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$9.00
Four Roses “Small Batch”BourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$11.00
Gaja “Gaia & Rey”GrappaItalyN/ABrandy$35.00
George Dickel #12Tennessee WhiskeyTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$9.00
George Dickel #8Tennessee WhiskeyTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$9.00
Glen ElginSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland18Scotch Whiskey$120.00
Glen GrantSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland10Scotch Whiskey$16.00
Glen MoraySingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland16Scotch Whiskey$16.00
Glen ScotiaSingle Malt WhiskyCampbeltown, Scotland15Scotch Whiskey$18.00
Glen Scotia “Double Cask”Single Malt WhiskyCampbeltown, ScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$13.00
GlenburgieSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland21Scotch Whiskey$68.00
GlendronachSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands15Scotch Whiskey$20.00
GlenfarclasSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland17Scotch Whiskey$28.00
GlenfiddichSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland21Scotch Whiskey$55.00
GlenfiddichSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$12.00
Glenfiddich “IPA Casks #1”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, ScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$20.00
Glenfiddich “Project XX – #2”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, ScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$22.00
Glenfiddich “Solera Reserve”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland15Scotch Whiskey$16.00
Glenlivet “Double Oak”Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$12.00
Glenlivet 1968Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland45Scotch Whiskey$250.00
Glenlossie 1997Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland19Scotch Whiskey$58.00
GlenmorangieSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands10Scotch Whiskey$10.00
Glenmorangie “Quinta Ruban”Single Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands14Scotch Whiskey$17.00
GlenrothesSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$12.00
Glenrothes 1993Single Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland22Scotch Whiskey$62.00
Hennessy VSCognacFrance N/ABrandy$15.00
Hennessy VSOPCognacFrance N/ABrandy$23.00
Hennessy XOCognacFrance N/ABrandy$65.00
High West “Double Rye”RyeUtah, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Highland ParkSingle Malt WhiskyIslands, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$14.00
I.W. HarperBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$10.00
J&BBlended Scotch Whiskey Scotland N/AScotch Whiskey$10.00
Jack DanielsTennessee WhiskeyTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Jack Daniels “Barrel Select”Tennessee WhiskeyTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$14.00
Jack Daniels “Single Barrel”Tennessee WhiskeyTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$12.00
Jack Daniels Gentleman JackTennessee WhiskeyTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$12.00
Jack Daniels RyeRyeTennessee, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
JamesonBlended Irish WhiskeyIrelandN/AIrish Whiskey$10.00
Jameson “Black Barrel”Blended Irish WhiskeyIrelandN/AIrish Whiskey$12.00
Jameson “Caskmates IPA”Blended Irish Whiskey Ireland N/AIrish Whiskey$12.00
Jim BeamBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$9.00
Jim Beam “Black”BourbonIllinois, United StatesN/ABourbon$10.00
Johnny Walker “Black Label”Blended Scotch WhiskeyScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$12.00
Johnny Walker “Blue Label”Blended Scotch WhiskeyScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$65.00
Johnny Walker “Red Label”Blended Scotch WhiskeyScotlandN/AScotch Whiskey$10.00
Johnny Walker “XR”Blended Scotch Whiskey Scotland21Scotch Whiskey$40.00
JuraSingle Malt WhiskyIslands, Scotland18Scotch Whiskey$38.00
Kaiyo “The Sheri”Blended Japanese WhiskeyJapanN/AJapanese Whiskey$35.00
Kaiyo “The Single”Blended Japanese WhiskeyJapanN/AJapanese Whiskey$14.00
KamikiBlended Japanese WhiskeyJapanN/AJapanese Whiskey$19.00
KavalanSingle Malt WhiskyTaiwan N/ATaiwanese Whisky$22.00
Kikori “The Woodsman”Single Grain Japanese Rice WhiskyJapanN/AJapanese Whiskey$14.00
Knappogue CastleSingle Malt WhiskyIreland 21Irish Whiskey$55.00
Knappogue CastleSingle Malt WhiskyIreland 12Irish Whiskey$14.00
Knob CreekBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$12.00
Knob Creek “Small Batch”BourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$14.00
Knob Creek RyeRyeKentucky, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$12.00
LagavulinSingle Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland16Scotch Whiskey$22.00
Lagavulin “Distiller’s Edition” – 2019Single Malt WhiskyIslay, Scotland16Scotch Whiskey$35.00
LedaigSingle Malt WhiskyMull, Scotland18Scotch Whiskey$42.00
MacallanSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland18Scotch Whiskey$80.00
MacallanSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$21.00
Makers MarkBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$12.00
Manhattan “Hudson Rye”RyeNew York, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Martell “Blue Swift”CognacFrance N/ABrandy$9.00
Martell “Cordon Bleu”CognacFrance N/ABrandy$45.00
Martell VSCognacFrance N/ABrandy$12.00
Masterson’s RyeRyeCalgary, Canada10Canadian Whiskey$12.00
Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2019Blended Irish WhiskeyIreland N/AIrish Whiskey$60.00
MortlachSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland20Scotch Whiskey$65.00
MortlachSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$16.00
Nonino “Grappa di Merlot”GrappaItalyN/ABrandy$20.00
ObanSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands21Scotch Whiskey$145.00
ObanSingle Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands14Scotch Whiskey$26.00
Old Potrero “18th Century”Rye California, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$18.00
Pendleton “Midnight”Blended Canadian WhiskeyCanadaN/ACanadian Whiskey$10.00
Pendleton RyeRyeCanada12Canadian Whiskey$12.00
Redemption RyeRyeIndiana, United States9American Whiskey$24.00
Redemption RyeRyeIndiana, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$12.00
Remy Martin VSOPCognacFrance N/ABrandy$14.00
Remy Martin XOCognacFrance N/ABrandy$60.00
Rittenhouse RyeRyeKentucky, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Russell’s ReserveBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$19.00
Sagamore Spirit RyeRyeMaryland, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$12.00
Seagram’s 7Blended American WhiskeyIndiana, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
SempeArmagnac France 15Brandy$16.00
Sempe VSOPArmagnac France N/ABrandy$12.00
Serpent’s BiteBlended Canadian WhiskeyCanadaN/ACanadian Whiskey$10.00
SingletonSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$12.00
SpeyburnSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland10Scotch Whiskey$11.00
St. George “Baller”Single Malt WhiskyCalifornia, United States N/AAmerican Whiskey$17.00
St. George Pear BrandyBrandyCalifornia, United StatesN/ABrandy$13.00
StrathmillSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland12Scotch Whiskey$17.00
Suntory “Toki”Blended Japanese WhiskeyJapan18Japanese Whiskey$18.00
Suntory “Yamazaki”Single Malt WhiskyJapan 12Japanese Whiskey$95.00
TaliskerSingle Malt WhiskySkye, Scotland 18Scotch Whiskey$48.00
TaliskerSingle Malt WhiskySkye, Scotland 10Scotch Whiskey$12.00
Templeton RyeRyeIowa, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$10.00
Tin CupBlended American WhiskeyColorado, United StatesN/AAmerican Whiskey$9.00
Tomatin “Port Cask”Single Malt WhiskyScotland, Highlands14Scotch Whiskey$20.00
TomintoulSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland14Scotch Whiskey$23.00
TormoreSingle Malt WhiskySpeyside, Scotland14Scotch Whiskey$23.00
Tullamore DewBlended Irish WhiskeyIreland N/AIrish Whiskey$9.00
TyrconnellSingle Malt WhiskyIreland15Irish Whiskey$23.00
West CorkSingle Malt WhiskyIreland10Irish Whiskey$12.00
West Cork “Glengarriff Series Peat Charred Cask”Single Malt WhiskyIreland12Irish Whiskey$12.00
West Cork “Bourbon Cask”Blended Irish WhiskeyIrelandN/AIrish Whiskey$10.00
West Cork “Sherry Cask”Single Malt WhiskyIreland12Irish Whiskey$18.00
WhistlepigRyeVermont, United States15American Whiskey$55.00
WhistlepigRyeVermont, United States10American Whiskey$26.00
Whistlepig “Piggyback”RyeVermont, United States6American Whiskey$15.00
Wild Turkey “Longbranch”BourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$13.00
Wild Turkey “Rare Breed”BourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$15.00
Wild Turkey 81prfBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$13.00
Woodford ReserveBourbonKentucky, United StatesN/ABourbon$13.00

Dear Taurus Community:

We are happy to announce that beginning on Friday, May 15th we will begin taking take-out orders for curb-side pickup. In addition to our regular take-out menu, we are offering complete dinner packages, with an option to grill your own steak, or make a selection from our butcher shop!

Our extensive wine selection is also now available to-go, with many specially priced bottles to choose from.

We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and staff members during service. All employees will be wearing mask and gloves, and we kindly ask our customers to use a face covering when picking up orders.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We wish you all the best, and look forward to serving you soon!


Taurus Steakhouse

Take-Out or Catering Events: Phone: 650-394-8878 Email: info@taurussteak.com