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Taurus Steakhouse Wine List

Welcome to the taurus steakhouse Wine List. please use the search box located below to explore all our wines. You can sort the wines  by the titles of each column. 

You can also enter key words such as “red”, “2012”, “cabernet” or “france” to find what wines we have available for you!
If you have a specific bottle in mind you can search and see if we have it. FOR AN EXAMPLE, YOU CAN TYPE, “CALIFORNIA CABERNET 2018 NAPA VALLEY” OR “FRANCE BORDEAUX 2015 RED” IN THE SEARCH BOX. JUST use the “SPACE” button BETWEEN WORDS. 
If you are using your phone, Simply press button ON THE VERY LEFT to unwrap MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE WINE YOU CHOOSE!

let’s find the wine you love! ❤️

P.S. Please drink responsibly.


Prices shown are per bottle. 
Agricola Punica, “Barrua” – Isola dei Nuraghi820Italian Red SardegnaItaly2006Red Wine$94.00
Agricola Punica, “Barrua” – Isola dei Nuraghi821Italian Red SardegnaItaly2007Red Wine$88.00
Alain Graillot606SyrahCrozes-Hermitage – N. Rhône Valley France2017Red Wine$75.00
Alain Graillot614SyrahSaint-Joseph – N. Rhône ValleyFrance2017Red Wine$95.00
Alberto Orte, “La Antigua Clásico” – Reserva825Spanish Red RiojaSpain2010Red Wine$65.00
Albino Armani, “1607” – Ripasso650Italian Red Veneto / ValpolicellaItaly2009Red Wine$58.00
Alfre Pic “Pic 1er” – Chablis 1er Cru105Chardonnay ChablisFrance2005White Wine$175.00
Anderson Valley174Pinot Noir Anderson Valley California2014Red Wine$91.00
Antica Terra, “Botanica”180Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon2017Red Wine$240.00
Antica Terra, “Cera”181Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon2015Red Wine$269.00
Antinori Family Estate, “Antica”311Cabernet SauvignonAtlas Peak California2015Red Wine$152.00
Antinori, “Peppoli” – Chianti Classico782Italian Red Italian Red Italy2010Red Wine$49.00
Anzivino, “Coste della Sesia”717Italian RedPiedmontItaly2007Red Wine$78.00
Archery SummitPinot Noir Dundee Hills Oregon2017Red Wine$210.00
Argiano – Brunello di Montalcino740Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$124.00
Argiano – Brunello di Montalcino741Italian Red TuscanyItaly2010Red Wine$138.00
Argyle183Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon2016Red Wine$80.00
Argyle, “Reserve”100Chardonnay Willamette Valley Oregon2017White Wine$77.00
Armida (375ml)1115Dessert Wine / Pinot Gris Russian River ValleyCalifornia2004White Wine$63.00
Aubert, “CIX”77ChardonnaySonoma CoastCalifornia2013White Wine$325.00
August West120Pinot Noir Russian River ValleyCalifornia 2017Red Wine$74.00
August West, “Peterson Vineyard”155Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2014Red Wine$105.00
August West, “Rosella’s Vineyard”156Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2014Red Wine$110.00
Ayoub103Chardonnay Dundee HillsOregon2017White Wine$110.00
Ayoub, “Overlook Vineyard”193Pinot Noir Dundee Hills California2015Red Wine$145.00
Banfi, “Excelsus” – Toscana768Italian Red TuscanyItaly2012Red Wine$180.00
Barlow271Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley California2006Red Wine$105.00
Baron de Ley – Reserva826Spanish Red RiojaSpain2007Red Wine$60.00
Baron de Ley, “Finca Monasterio”827Spanish Red RiojaSpain2007Red Wine$92.00
Beaumont des Crayères10Brut RoséEpernayFranceNVSparkling Wine$90.00
Bedrock57Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma ValleyCalifornia2018White Wine$54.00
Belle Glos, “Clark & Telephone” (1.5L)2003Pinot Noir Santa Maria ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$235.00
Belle Glos, “Clark & Telephone” (1.5L)2004Pinot Noir Santa Maria ValleyCalifornia2017Red Wine$220.00
Belle Glos, “Las Alturas”157Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2016Red Wine$72.00
Benton Lane34Pinot Gris Willamette ValleyOregon2017Rosé$78.00
Bergström, “Bergström Vineyard”194Pinot Noir Dundee Hills Oregon2016Red Wine$255.00
Bergström, “Shea Vineyard”196Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton Oregon2017Red Wine$165.00
Bernardus158Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2014Red Wine$88.00
Billecart Salmon, “Reserve”12BrutMareuil-sur-AÿFrance NVSparkling Wine$140.00
Blackbird, “Arise”272Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2017Red Wine$120.00
Blankiet, “Paradise Hills Vineyard”250MerlotNapa Valley California2001Red Wine$180.00
Bodegas Abanico Hazaña,”Viñas Vieja”829Spanish Red RiojaSpain2015Red Wine$50.00
Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez, “Tinto Pesquera” – Crianza845Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2015Red Wine$85.00
Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez, “Tinto Pesquera” – Reserva844Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2012Red Wine$140.00
Bodegas Bastida, “Alceao”862Spanish Red La Mancha Spain2015Red Wine$39.00
Bodegas Campo Viejo, “Gran Campe Viejo”25Brut RoséCava SpainNVSparkling Wine$38.00
Bodegas Centro Españolas, “Allozo” – Gran Reserva863Spanish Red La Mancha Spain2008Red Wine$47.00
Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, “Estrecho” – Monastrell868Spanish Red AlicanteSpanish Red 2015Red Wine$105.00
Bodegas Granadeiro, “Poliphonia”891Portuguese Red AlentejoPortugal2012Red Wine$84.00
Bodegas Granadeiro, “Tapada do Barao”892Portuguese Red Alentejo Portugal2016Red Wine$41.00
Bodegas Ramon Bilbao – Gran Reserva830Spanish Red RiojaSpain2009Red Wine$104.00
Bodegas Sonsierra832Spanish Red RiojaSpain2015Red Wine$40.00
Bodegas Vetus, “Flor de Vetus”860Spanish Red ToroSpain2015Red Wine$44.00
Boich Family Estate332Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain California2014Red Wine$400.00
Borgoluce – Superiore20BrutProsecco di ValdobbiadeneItalyNVSparkling Wine$90.00
Bricco Asili, “Bricco Asili”691BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2001Red Wine$200.00
Broadley, “Claudia’s Choice”186Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon2010Red Wine$125.00
Bryant Family Vineyard, “25th Anniversary Release”334Cabernet Sauvignon St. Helena California2016Red Wine$1,750.00
Bryant Family, “25th Anniversary Release”285Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley California2016Red Wine$1,725.00
Cakebread320Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley California2016Red Wine$210.00
Cakebread, “Benchland Select”276Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley California2015Red Wine$295.00
Campolargo, “Baga”902Portuguese Red BairadaPortugal2013Red Wine$63.00
Campolargo, “Termeao”903Portuguese Red BairadaPortugal2015Red Wine$46.00
Canalicchio – Brunello di Montalcino744Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$350.00
Carlos Serres – Reserva835Spanish Red RiojaSpain2012Red Wine$42.00
Casa Lapostolle, “Grand Selection”420Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2017Red Wine$48.00
Casa Piena335Cabernet Sauvignon YountvilleCalifornia2012Red Wine$410.00
Cascina Ca’ Rossa, “Mulassa”722Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2009Red Wine$49.00
Cascina Cucco, “Cerrati – Vigna Cucco”668BaroloPiedmontItaly2007Red Wine$320.00
Cascina Morassino711Langhe NebbioloPiedmontItaly2011Red Wine$68.00
Casisano-Colombaio – Riserva – Brunello di Montalcino743Italian Red TuscanyItaly2001Red Wine$180.00
Castello Banfi – Brunello di Montalcino745Italian Red TuscanyItaly2010Red Wine$125.00
Castello di Monastero – Chianti Classico783Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$40.00
Caymus, “Special Selection”273Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$360.00
Cecchi, “Riserva di Famiglia” – Riserva – Chianti Classico785Italian Red TuscanyItaly2014Red Wine$74.00
Cecchi, “Coevo” – Toscana769Italian Red TuscanyItaly2011Red Wine$112.00
Cedar Knoll274Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley California2007Red Wine$98.00
Cerbaiola, “Salvioni” – Brunello di Montalcino746Italian Red TuscanyItaly1999Red Wine$275.00
Chandon, “Late Disgorged”03BrutNapa ValleyCaliforniaNVSparkling Wine$55.00
Charles Krug55Sauvignon Blanc St. HelenaCalifornia2018White Wine$38.00
Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux464BordeauxMoulis / Left BankFrance2015Red Wine$79.00
Château La Mission470BordeauxLalande-de-Pomerol / Right BankFrance2015Red Wine$89.00
Château Les Maurins467BordeauxBordeaux – Left BankFrance2016Red Wine$55.00
Château Les Tuileries de Bel Air – Graves460BordeauxPessac-Léognan / Left Bank France2015Red Wine$60.00
Château Robin Saint-Denis468BordeauxBordeaux / Left BankFrance2015Red Wine$40.00
Chateau Tanunda, “Noble Barron”575ShirazBarossa ValleyAustralia2010Red Wine$80.00
Clos Apalta437Cabernet SauvignonApaltaChile2014Red Wine$395.00
Clos Apalta, “Le Petit Clos”438Cabernet Sauvignon ApaltaChile2015Red Wine$165.00
Clos les Fites872Spanish Red PrioratSpain2012Red Wine$72.00
Colgin, “IX Estate”277Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley California2016Red Wine$1,700.00
Comte Lafond66Sauvignon BlancSancerreFrance2018White Wine$114.00
Concha y Toro “Terrunyo”, “Block 27 – Peumo Vineyard”450Carmenère Cachapoal Valley Chile2017Red Wine$98.00
Concha y Toro “Terrunyo”, “Block las Terrazas – Pirque Vineyard”443Cabernet SauvignonMaipo Valley Chile2015Red Wine$112.00
Continuum, “Sage Mountain Vineyard”313Cabernet Sauvignon OakvilleCalifornia2016Red Wine$595.00
Contrade di Taurasi Cantine Lonardo Taurasi – Aglianico808Italian Red CampaniaItaly2005Red Wine$64.00
Corte Archi, “Is” – Amarone della Valpolicella Classico652Italian Red Veneto Italy2010Red Wine$128.00
Corte Rugolin, “Monte Danieli” – Amarone della Valpolicella Classico653Italian Red VenetoItaly2010Red Wine$160.00
Cote Bonneville DuBrul Vineyard, “Carriage House”368Cabernet Sauvignon Yakima Valley Washington2006Red Wine$128.00
Coup de Foudre339Cabernet SauvignonCalistogaCalifornia2012Red Wine$295.00
Coup de Foudre, “37.2 Cuvée”342Cabernet Sauvignon CalistogaCalifornia2017Red Wine$140.00
Cusumano, “Noa”814Italian Red SicilyItaly2009Red Wine$108.00
Cuvee Sauvage121Pinot Noir Russian River ValleyCA2017Red Wine$88.00
Daniel, “Sierra Mar Vineyard”89Chardonnay Santa Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2013White Wine$62.00
Daou, “Soul of Lions”357Cabernet SauvignonPaso Robles California2015Red Wine$275.00
Darioush252MerlotNapa Valley California2014Red Wine$105.00
DeLille Cellars, “Grand Ciel”360Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain Washington2013Red Wine$367.00
Diamond Creek, “Volcanic Hill”310Cabernet Sauvignon Diamond Mountain California2015Red Wine$485.00
Dom Perignon16BrutSaint Pierre d’HautvillersFrance 2009Sparkling Wine$475.00
Dom Perignon18Brut Rose(é)Saint Pierre d’HautvillersFrance2006Sparkling Wine$900.00
Domaine Brusset, “Tradition le Grand Montmirail”630Grenache BlendGigondas – S. Rhône Valley France 2012Red Wine$82.00
Domaine Laurent Charles Brotte, “La Marasque”633Grenache BlendGigondas – S. Rhône ValleyFrance 2015Red Wine$68.00
Domaine Laurent Charles Brotte, “Les Hauts de Barville”620Grenache BlendChâteauneuf-du-Pape – S. Rhône Valley France2016Red Wine$70.00
Domaine Serene, “Evanstad Reserve”102Chardonnay Willamette ValleyOregon2017White Wine$160.00
Domenico Clerico, “Ciabot Mentin”670BaroloPiedmontItaly2015Red Wine$315.00
Domenico Clerico, “Pajana”669Barolo PiedmontItaly2015Red Wine$318.00
Domenico Clerico, “Trevigne”724Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2010Red Wine$85.00
Domenico Clerico, “Trevigne”725Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2016Red Wine$79.00
Domenico Clerico, “Trevigne”724Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2010Red Wine$85.00
Domenico Clerico, “Visadi”733Langhe Dolcetto PiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$51.00
Domenico Clerico, “Visadi” – Langhe Dolcetto733Italian Red PiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$51.00
Dominus Estate, “Napanook”336Cabernet SauvignonYountvilleCalifornia2016Red Wine$200.00
Donna Olimpia 1898, “Millepassi” – Bolgheri Superiore766Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$138.00
Duckhorn316Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2011Red Wine$165.00
Duckhorn302Napa Valley Napa ValleyCalifornia2015Red Wine$140.00
Duckhorn, “25th Harvest”254MerlotHowell Mountain California2002Red Wine$280.00
Duckhorn, “Decoy”30Rose(é) of Pinot Noir/SyrahSonoma CountyCalifornia2018Rosé$40.00
Duckhorn, “Decoy”340Cabernet SauvignonSonoma County California2015Red Wine$115.00
Duckhorn, “Decoy”341Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County California2016Red Wine$110.00
Duckhorn, “Three Palms”255MerlotNapa ValleyCalifornia2000Red Wine$300.00
DuMol596SyrahRussian River Valley California2014Red Wine$135.00
Dunn Vineyards, “Howell Mountain”331Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain California2014Red Wine$295.00
En Route, “Les Pommiers”122Pinot Noir Russian River ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$142.00
En Route, “Les Pommiers”123Pinot Noir Russian River Valley California2015Red Wine$130.00
Equis, “Equinoxe”608SyrahCrozes-Hermitage – N. Rhône Valley France2017Red Wine$52.00
Erath198Pinot Noir OregonOregon2011Red Wine$60.00
Esterlina, “Esterlina Estate Vineyard”176Pinot Noir Anderson Valley California2006Red Wine$80.00
Esterlina, “Sterling Family Vineyard”124Pinot Noir Russian River ValleyCalifornia2006Red Wine$80.00
Etude275Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$150.00
Faisao881Portuguese Red DaoPortugal2016Red Wine$32.00
Fait-Main, “Sleepy Lady Vineyard”279Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$410.00
Familia Deicas, “Vale de los Manantiales”566TannatGarzón – MaldonadoUruguay 2015Red Wine$85.00
Far Niente314Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2015Red Wine$350.00
Feist – Port (750ml)1500Dessert WineTawny PortPortugal1979Red Wine$625.00
Feist – Port (750ml)1505Dessert WineTawny PortPortugal1989Red Wine$435.00
Ferrari-Carano, “Tresor”345Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County California2014Red Wine$115.00
Ferratus – Reserva849Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2013Red Wine$77.00
Fess Parker, “Marcella’s White Blend”32Viognier/Grenache Blanc/RoussanneSanta Barbara CountyCalifornia2016Rosé$48.00
Feudi di San Gregorio, “Rubrato”809Italian Red CampaniaItaly2005Red Wine$42.00
Finca Valpiedra – Reserva837Spanish Red RiojaSpain2010Red Wine$101.00
Flora Springs, “Trilogy”278Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2015Red Wine$174.00
Flowers137Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2017Red Wine$138.00
Forman70ChardonnayNapa Valley California2013White Wine$72.00
Fratelli Seghesio, “La Villa”671Barolo PiedmontItaly2007Red Wine$142.00
Gaja694BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2016Red Wine$695.00
Gaja – Brunello di Montalcino (1.5L)2018Italian RedPiemonteItaly2014Red Wine$630.00
Gaja, “Pieve Santa Restituta” – Brunello di Montalcino750Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$148.00
Gaja, “Ca’Marcanda – Promis” – Toscana771Italian Red TuscanyItaly2016Red Wine$147.00
Gaja, “Ca’Marcanda – Magari” – Toscana774Italian Red TuscanyItaly2016Red Wine$185.00
Gaja, “Ca’Marcanda – Promis” – Toscana770Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$155.00
Gaja, “Conteisa” – Barolo (1.5L)2015Italian RedPiedmontItaly2014Red Wine$1,550.00
Gaja, “Dragomis”676Barolo PiedmontItaly2015Red Wine$295.00
Gaja, “Rennina” – Brunello di Montalcino748Italian Red TuscanyItaly2013Red Wine$495.00
Gaja, “Sperrs”675BaroloPiedmontItaly2014Red Wine$830.00
Gaja, “Sugarille” – Brunello di Montalcino749Italian Red TuscanyItaly2013Red Wine$560.00
Gary Farrell127Pinot NoirRussian River ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$120.00
Ghost Block, “Single Vineyard”338Cabernet Sauvignon YountvilleCalifornia2012Red Wine$125.00
Ghost Horse Vineyards, “Shadow”333Cabernet SauvignonSt. Helena California2012Red Wine$350.00
Giacomo Grimaldi734Dolcetto d’AlbaPiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$50.00
Giacomo Grimaldi – Dolcetto d’Alba734Italian Red PiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$50.00
Giacomo Grimaldi, “Pistin”727Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$56.00
Giacomo Grimaldi, “Pistin”727Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$56.00
Giancarlo Travaglini, “Il Sogno”710GattinaraPiedmontItaly2010Red Wine$180.00
Giesen – Riesling48RieslingMarlborough & WaiparaNew Zealand2016White Wine$42.00
Gloria Ferrer, “Private Cuvée”07BrutSonoma CountyCaliforniaNVSparkling Wine$54.00
Grace Family Vineyards280Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2013Red Wine$1,060.00
Grgich Hills228ZinfandelNapa Valley California2011Red Wine$90.00
Grgich Hills229ZinfandelNapa Valley California2012Red Wine$85.00
Grgich Hills281Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2006Red Wine$106.00
Grgich Hills282Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2009Red Wine$95.00
Groth (1.5L)2030Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville California2015Red Wine$440.00
Groth, “Reserve”321Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2013Red Wine$360.00
Groth, “Reserve” (1.5L)2032Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2014Red Wine$805.00
Groth, “Reserve” (1.5L)2032Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2014Red Wine$805.00
Guiseppe Campagnola37 Pinot Grigio delle VenezieVeniceItaly2018Rosé$40.00
Hacienda Arancano, “Clos de Lolol”423Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2015Red Wine$70.00
Hacienda Arancano, “Gran Arancano”422Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2015Red Wine$84.00
Heritance, “Stanley Ranch”148Pinot Noir CarnerosCalifornia2011Red Wine$102.00
Hestan Vineyards, “Stephanie”284Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2009Red Wine$98.00
Hilanda, “Terminoda Arriba”869Spanish Red JumillaSpain2014Red Wine$42.00
Hourglass, “Blue Line Vineyard”286Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2017Red Wine$308.00
Hudson87Chardonnay CarnerosCalifornia2012White Wine$102.00
Husch – Late Harvest Gewurztraminer (375ml)1112Dessert WineAnderson ValleyCalifornia2014White Wine$75.00
I Leoni679Barolo PiedmontItaly2011Red Wine$102.00
I Leoni697BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2010Red Wine$190.00
I Leoni698BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2011Red Wine$180.00
I Leoni699BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2012Red Wine$175.00
I Saltari – Amarone della Valpolicella655Italian Red VenetoItaly2008Red Wine$148.00
Il Poggio, “Monsanto” – Riserva – Chianti Classico787Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$124.00
Inniskillin – Riesling Icewine (375ml)1110Dessert WineNiagra PeninsulaCanada2017White Wine$204.00
J Vineyards, “California Cuvée”05BrutRussian River ValleyCaliforniaNVSparkling Wine$42.00
J. Rickards, “Brown Barn Vineyard”593Petite SirahAlexander ValleyCalifornia1998Red Wine$120.00
Jim Barry, “The Benbournie”370Cabernet Sauvignon Clare Valley Australia 2012Red Wine$196.00
Jim Barry, “The Cover Drive”373Cabernet SauvignonCoonawarraAustralia2015Red Wine$46.00
João Portugal Ramos, “Vila Santa” – Reserva895Portuguese Red Alentejo Portugal2013Red Wine$63.00
Jordan346Cabernet SauvignonSonoma County California1998Red Wine$200.00
Jordan347Cabernet SauvignonSonoma County California2000Red Wine$220.00
Jordan348Cabernet SauvignonSonoma County California2009Red Wine$150.00
Joseph Phelps288Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$174.00
Kapscandy, “Endre – State Lane Vineyard”290Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2010Red Wine$235.00
Kata, “Beckstoffer Bourne”291Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$465.00
Kelly Fleming292Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2008Red Wine$100.00
Kinsella Estates, “Su Una Stretta Di Mano – Spencer Vineyard”351Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley California2014Red Wine$245.00
Kistler, “Les Noisetiers”78Chardonnay Sonoma CoastCalifornia2017White Wine$130.00
Kongsgaard71ChardonnayNapa Valley California2017White Wine$220.00
Kosta Browne128Pinot Noir Russian River Valley California2016Red Wine$260.00
Kosta Browne139Pinot Noir Sonoma CoastCalifornia2014Red Wine$138.00
Kosta Browne140Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2016Red Wine$230.00
L’Arco, “Noir” – Toscana776Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$71.00
La Perla del Priorat Noster, “Templari”874Spanish Red PrioratSpain2013Red Wine$70.00
La Sorda838Spanish Red RiojaSpain2015Red Wine$43.00
La Spinetta712Langhe Nebbiolo PiedmontItaly2016Red Wine$70.00
La Spinetta, “Vürsù – Vigneto Campe”680BaroloPiedmontItaly2004Red Wine$500.00
La Spinetta, “Ca’ di Pian”731Barbera d’Asti PiedmontItaly2016Red Wine$60.00
La Spinetta, “Ca’ di Pian” – Barbera d’Asti731Italian Red PiedmontItaly2016Red Wine$60.00
La Spinetta, “Vürsù – Vigneto Campe”681Italian Red Barolo / PiedmontItaly2006Red Wine$420.00
La Spinetta, “Vürsù – Vigneto Gallina”700BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2015Red Wine$350.00
La Spinetta, “Vürsù – Vigneto Starderi”702BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2015Red Wine$350.00
La Spinetta, “Vürsù – Vigneto Valeirano”704BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2013Red Wine$365.00
Lapostolle, “Cuvée Alexander”109Chardonnay CasablancaChile2016White Wine$63.00
Larkmead, “LMV Salon”293Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2007Red Wine$445.00
Las Huertas108Chardonnay Colchagua ValleyChile2018White Wine$44.00
Le Dix de Los Vascos425Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua Valley Chile2015Red Wine$175.00
Le Fonti – Chianti Classico788Italian Red TuscanyItaly2010Red Wine$38.00
Le Potazzini Gorelli – Brunello di Montalcino752Italian Red TuscanyItaly2006Red Wine$124.00
Le Potazzini Gorelli – Rosso di Montalcino760Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$120.00
Leonetti365Cabernet SauvignonWalla Walla Valley Washington2015Red Wine$325.00
Leonetti364Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley Washington2016Red Wine$310.00
Leonetti262MerlotWalla Walla Valley Washington2017Red Wine$225.00
Leonetti, “Reserve”366Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley Washington2015Red Wine$425.00
Lokoya343Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder California2014Red Wine$295.00
Los Vascos62Sauvignon BlancParalilloChile2018White Wine$42.00
Los Vascos111Chardonnay PeralilloChile2018White Wine$42.00
Los Vascos, “Grande Reserve”427Cabernet Sauvignon Colchagua Valley Chile2015Red Wine$74.00
Lucia Vineyards90Chardonnay Santa Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2017White Wine$105.00
Lucia Vineyards, “Soberanes Vineyard” (1.5L)2000Pinot Noir Santa Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2017Red Wine$350.00
Lucia, “Garys’ Vineyard”159Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2017Red Wine$150.00
Luigi Baudana, “Cerretta”684Barolo PiedmontItaly2004Red Wine$120.00
Luli160Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2018Red Wine$55.00
Luli91Chardonnay Santa Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2017White Wine$52.00
M. Chapoutier – Banyuls (500ml)1130Dessert Wine RhôneFrance2008Red Wine$120.00
M. Chapoutier, “Chante Alouette”43HermitageRhone‎France2015White Wine$315.00
M. Chapoutier, “La Bernadine”624Grenache BlendChâteauneuf-du-Pape – S. Rhône Valley France2016Red Wine$199.00
M. Chapoutier, “Le Pavillon”600SyrahHermitage – N. Rhône Valley France2016Red Wine$1,250.00
M. Chapoutier, “Les Varonniers”611SyrahCrozes-Hermitage – N. Rhône Valley France 2016Red Wine$250.00
Macauley, “Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard”325Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2013Red Wine$450.00
Mad Hatter294Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$170.00
Maldonado, “Los Olivos Vineyard”72ChardonnayNapa Valley California2016White Wine$98.00
Marcassin, “Marcassin Vineyard”141Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2012Red Wine$540.00
Maria Grazia Salvioni, “Quercecchio” – Brunello di Montalcino754Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$92.00
Marques de Valparaiso – Reserva852Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2004Red Wine$70.00
Mauro Molino729Barbera d’AstiPiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$58.00
Mauro Molino – Barbera d’Asti729Italian Red PiedmontItaly2018Red Wine$58.00
Mauro Veglio, “Arborina”686BaroloPiedmontItaly2010Red Wine$118.00
Mayacamus Vineyards (1.5L)2005Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder / Napa Valley California2015Red Wine$665.00
McIntyre Estate31Rosé of Pinot NoirSanta Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2018Rosé$50.00
Meerlust203Pinot Noir StellenboschOregon2012Red Wine$75.00
Merry Edwards130Pinot Noir Russian River Valley California2015Red Wine$96.00
Merry Edwards, “Coopersmith”131Pinot Noir Russian River ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$140.00
Merryvale, “Profile” (1.5L)2034Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2009Red Wine$700.00
Michel Rolland, “MR”296Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2013Red Wine$265.00
Miner, “The Oracle”289Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2013Red Wine$195.00
Molnar Family, “Poseidon’s Vineyard”146Pinot Noir CarnerosCalifornia2010Red Wine$64.00
Monte Xanic115Chardonnay Guadalupe Valley / Baja CaliforniaMexico2015White Wine$50.00
Montes563MalbecColchagua Valley Chile2017Red Wine$38.00
Montes Alpha429Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2016Red Wine$60.00
Montes Alpha, “M”440Cabernet Sauvignon ApaltaChile2015Red Wine$250.00
Montes Alpha, “Purple Angel”448CarmenèreColchagua Valley Chile2017Red Wine$250.00
Montes, “Folly”595SyrahApaltaChile 2016Red Wine$200.00
Mura, “Cortes” – Cannonau di Sardegna819Italian Red SardegnaItaly2012Red Wine$40.00
Neyen, “Espiritu de Apalta”430Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2013Red Wine$138.00
Nickel & Nickel, “John C. Sullenger”327Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2015Red Wine$240.00
Nickel & Nickel, “Ponzo Vineyard”223ZinfandelRussian River Valley California2009Red Wine$205.00
Nino Franco, “Grave di Stecca”19BrutProsecco di ValdobbiadeneItaly2010Sparkling Wine$48.00
Opus One, “Overture”319Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$300.00
Pahlmeyer295Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$380.00
Palmaz287Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$195.00
Panther Creek, “Winemaker’s Cuvée”189Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon2017Red Wine$86.00
Paternina, “Clisos” – Reserva839Spanish Red RiojaSpain2006Red Wine$48.00
Patz & Hall, “Pisoni Vineyard”161Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2013Red Wine$198.00
Patz & Hall, “Jenkin’s Ranch”143Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2014Red Wine$140.00
Paul Hobbs, “Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard”330Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2014Red Wine$1,330.00
Paul Hobbs, “Crossbarn”79Chardonnay Sonoma CoastCalifornia2017White Wine$70.00
Paul Hobbs, “Hyde Vineyard”149Pinot Noir CarnerosCalifornia2016Red Wine$220.00
Paul Hobbs, “Richard Dinner Vineyard”84ChardonnaySonoma MountainCalifornia2017White Wine$200.00
Paulo Laureano, “Ema’s Vineyard”897Portuguese Red Alentejo Portugal2015Red Wine$40.00
Pecchenino, “Le Coste”687Barolo PiedmontItaly2009Red Wine$168.00
Penfolds, “Bin 407”371Cabernet Sauvignon South Australia Australia2017Red Wine$200.00
Penfolds, “Max”374Cabernet Sauvignon South Australia Australia2016Red Wine$70.00
Perliss Estate Vineyards, “The Ravens”337Cabernet Sauvignon CalistogaCalifornia2012Red Wine$295.00
Pessoa da Vinha – Touriga Nacional881Portuguese Red Douro Valley Portugal2015Red Wine$40.00
Peter Michael, “Belle Côte”85Chardonnay Knights Valley California2016White Wine$252.00
Peter Michael, “Le Caprice”144Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2016Red Wine$360.00
Peter Michael, “Le Moulin Rouge”162Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2016Red Wine$280.00
Peter Michael, “Les Pavots”350Cabernet SauvignonKnights Valley California2016Red Wine$550.00
Peter Michael, “Ma Danseuse”162Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2017Red Wine$325.00
Philippe Glavier, “La Grace d’Aphael” – Grand Cru15BrutCramantFrance NVSparkling Wine$150.00
Pinot Envy190Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon2016Red Wine$50.00
Pio Cesare, “Oltre”719Italian Red Langhe / PiedmontItaly2008Red Wine$60.00
Pisoni, “Estate”163Pinot Noir Santa Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2017Red Wine$220.00
Planeta – Cerasuolo di Vittoria812Italian Red SicilyItaly2011Red Wine$66.00
PlumpJack597SyrahNapa Valley California2016Red Wine$130.00
PlumpJack, “Reserve”328Cabernet SauvignonOakvilleCalifornia2011Red Wine$850.00
Podera Brizio – Riserva – Brunello di Montalcino755Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$180.00
Podera Fortuna, “MCDLXV”200Pinot Noir ToscanaOregon2009Red Wine$62.00
Poderi San Lazzaro, “Grifola” – Marche Rosso802Italian Red MarcheItaly2008Red Wine$48.00
Pride Mountain Vineyards318Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$175.00
Pride Mountain Vineyards318Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$175.00
Pride Mountain Vineyards318Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$175.00
Pride Mountain Vineyards318Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$175.00
Prunotto, “Bric Turot”707BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2006Red Wine$106.00
Prunotto, “Mompertone”720Italian Red Monferrato / PiedmontItaly2009Red Wine$68.00
Quilt (1.5L)2039Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley California2017Red Wine$195.00
Quinta de Chocapalha899Portuguese Red Estremadura Portugal2013Red Wine$48.00
Quinta de Chocopalha – Castelão908Portuguese Red LisboaPortugal2015Red Wine$39.00
Quinta de Chocopalha, “CH – Vinhas Velhas” – Touriga Nacional907Portuguese Red LisboaPortugal2016Red Wine$147.00
Quinta de la Rosa883Portuguese Red Douro Valley Portugal2017Red Wine$50.00
Quinta do Noval, “Cedro do Noval”905Portuguese Red DuriensePortugal2015Red Wine$55.00
Quinta do Passadouro – Touriga Nacional880Portuguese RedDouro Valley Portugal2014Red Wine$112.00
Quinta do Passadouro, “Passa”882Portuguese Red Douro Valley Portugal2015Red Wine$52.00
Quinta dos Roques, “Colheita”886Portuguese Red DaoPortugal2016Red Wine$50.00
Quinta dos Roques, “Encruzado”888Portuguese Red DaoPortugal2015Red Wine$60.00
Quintessa308Cabernet SauvignonRutherford California2015Red Wine$350.00
Quintessa (3L)2040Cabernet SauvignonRutherford / St. HelenaCalifornia2015Red Wine$2,400.00
Raineri, “Monserra”689Barolo PiedmontItaly2008Red Wine$120.00
Ramey297Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$195.00
Ramey297Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$195.00
Ramey297Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$195.00
Ramey297Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2013Red Wine$112.00
Ribeiro Santo – Reserva890Portuguese Red DaoPortugal2014Red Wine$48.00
Richard G. Peterson164Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2016Red Wine$210.00
Ridge, “Pagani Ranch”220ZinfandelSonoma Valley California2016Red Wine$98.00
Riojanas, “Monte Real” – Gran Reserva841Spanish Red RiojaSpain2009Red Wine$72.00
Riojanas, “Monte Real” – Gran Reserva842Spanish Red RiojaSpain2001Red Wine$126.00
Rivers-Marie317Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2007Red Wine$280.00
Roar165Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2017Red Wine$105.00
Roar93Chardonnay Santa Lucia HighlandsCalifornia2017White Wine$81.00
Roar, “Rosella’s Vineyard”167Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands California2017Red Wine$147.00
Rocca della Macie, “Riserva di Fizzano” – Riserva – Chianti Classico790Italian Red TuscanyItaly2005Red Wine$83.00
Rocca della Macie, “Riserva di Fizzano” – Riserva – Chianti Classico791Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$78.00
Rochioli133Pinot Noir Russian River ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$190.00
Rombauer221ZinfandelSt HelenaCalifornia2017Red Wine$68.00
Rombauer256MerlotCarneros California2011Red Wine$64.00
Royal Oporto – 20 year old Tawny (750ml)1524Dessert WinePortoPortugalNVRed Wine$250.00
Rubissow, “Reserve”344Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder California2007Red Wine$310.00
Saini Vineyards222ZinfandelDry Creek Valley California2016Red Wine$58.00
Saintsbury151Pinot Noir CarnerosCalifornia2017Red Wine$105.00
Saintsbury75Chardonnay CarnerosCalifornia2017White Wine$84.00
San Filippo, “Le Lucere” – Brunello di Montalcino756Italian Red TuscanyItaly2005Red Wine$112.00
Sandro Fay, “Ca Morei” – Valtellina Superiore794Italian Red Lombardy Italy2010Red Wine$94.00
Sandro Fay, “Ca Morei” – Valtellina Superiore796Italian Red LombardyItaly2013Red Wine$82.00
Sandro Fay, “Cartería” – Valtellina Superiore795Italian Red LombardyItaly2012Red Wine$90.00
Sartori – Amarone della Valpolicella658Italian Red VenetoItaly2013Red Wine$138.00
Sean Minor152Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast California2017Red Wine$52.00
Sean Minor “Four Bears”154Pinot Noir Central Coast California2018Red Wine$48.00
Sean Minor, “Four Bears”88Chardonnay Central CoastCalifornia2016White Wine$40.00
Sempre Vive – Petite Verdot299Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2009Red Wine$96.00
Señorio de Sarria – Reserva866Spanish RedNavarraSpain2010Red Wine$45.00
Seven Hills263MerlotWalla Walla Valley Washington2017Red Wine$70.00
Seven Hills, “Ciel du Cheval”363Cabernet SauvignonRed Mountain Washington2014Red Wine$156.00
Shafer, “Hillside Select”312Cabernet SauvignonStags Leap District California2006Red Wine$600.00
Shafer, “Red Shoulder Ranch”86Chardonnay CarnerosCalifornia2015White Wine$130.00
Sheridan, “Block 1”369Cabernet SauvignonYakima Valley California2011Red Wine$285.00
Silver Oak298Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$285.00
Simi352Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley California2016Red Wine$58.00
Sine Qua Non, “Patine”591GrenacheSta. Rita Hills California2011Red Wine$1,225.00
Sine Qua Non, “Patine”592SyrahSta. Rita Hills California2011Red Wine$1,230.00
Sine Qua Non, “Rattrapante”594GrenacheSta. Rita Hills California2012Red Wine$1,575.00
Sine Qua Non, “Touché”596SyrahSta. Rita Hills California2012Red Wine$1,560.00
Skipstone, “Oliver’s Blend”354Cabernet SauvignonAlexander Valley California2012Red Wine$252.00
Solnia, “Old Vines”867Spanish Red AlicanteSpain2014Red Wine$46.00
St. Supery253MerlotRutherford California2008Red Wine$92.00
Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, “Cask 23” (1.5L)2050Cabernet SauvignonNapa Valley California2014Red Wine$1,550.00
Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, “Fay”300Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$455.00
Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, “SLV” (1.5L)2045Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2015Red Wine$950.00
Staglin Family309Cabernet Sauvignon RutherfordCalifornia2014Red Wine$425.00
Staglin Family, “Salus”74ChardonnayNapa Valley California2012White Wine$85.00
Stags’ Leap Winery304Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2015Red Wine$110.00
Tacconi, “Amantis” – Riserva – Montecucco762Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$120.00
Talley Vineyards, “Rincon Vinyard/Rosemary’s Vinyard”171Pinot Noir Arroyo Grande ValleyCalifornia2010Red Wine$84.00
Talley Vineyards, “Stone Corral Vineyard”172Pinot Noir Edna Valley California2009Red Wine$90.00
Tangent, “Paragon Vineyard”58Sauvignon BlancEdna ValleyCalifornia2017White Wine$38.00
Tenuta Badia di Morrona, “N’Antia” – Toscana779Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$80.00
Tenuta di Arceno, “Il Fauno di Arcanum” – Toscana777Italian Red TuscanyItaly2005Red Wine$102.00
Tenuta di Capezzana, “Trefiano” – Carmignano763Italian Red TuscanyItaly2005Red Wine$120.00
Tenuta San Guido, “Guidolberto” – Toscana780Italian Red TuscanyItaly2009Red Wine$125.00
Tenute Chiaromonte, “Kimia”41FianoPugliaItaly2016White Wine$40.00
Terra Noble, “Gran Reserva”433Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2016Red Wine$49.00
Terre da Vino, “Croere”730SuperioreBarbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2007Red Wine$40.00
Terre da Vino, “Croere” – Superiore730Italian Red Barbera d’Alba / PiedmontItaly2007Red Wine$40.00
Terre de Principe, “Castello delle Femmine” – Terre del Volturno804Italian Red Campania Italy2011Red Wine$88.00
The Prisoner (1.5L)2036Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2018Red Wine$245.00
Torbreck, “The Descendant”579ShirazBarossa ValleyAustralia2016Red Wine$234.00
Torremorón, “Tinto” – Reserva853Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2018Red Wine$40.00
Tuck Beckstoffer, “Dancing Hares”283Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2016Red Wine$390.00
Tuck Beckstoffer, “Mockingbird”301Cabernet SauvignonNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$550.00
Turley, “Dragon Vineyard”230ZinfandelHowell Mountain California2015Red Wine$150.00
Turley, “Dusi Vineyard”234ZinfandelPaso Robles California2011Red Wine$98.00
Turley, “Hayne Vineyard”225ZinfandelNapa Valley California2010Red Wine$189.00
Turley, “Pesenti Vineyard”236ZinfandelPaso RoblesCalifornia2010Red Wine$90.00
Turley, “Rattlesnake Ridge”232ZinfandelHowell Mountain California2015Red Wine$150.00
Turley, “Ueberroth Vineyard”237ZinfandelPaso Robles California2006Red Wine$168.00
Turley, “Ueberroth Vineyard”238ZinfandelPaso Robles California2007Red Wine$142.00
Turley, “Hayne Vineyard”590 Petite SyrahNapa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$225.00
Turley, “Juvenile”246ZinfandelSt. HelenaCalifornia2016Red Wine$60.00
Turley, “Old Vines”242ZinfandelSt. HelenaCalifornia2012Red Wine$118.00
Turley, “Old Vines”243ZinfandelSt. HelenaCalifornia2013Red Wine$102.00
Twomey50Sauvignon BlancNapa Valley California 2018White Wine$56.00
Twomey175Pinot Noir Anderson Valley California2017Red Wine$116.00
Twomey, “Soda Canyon Ranch”251MerlotNapa ValleyCalifornia2015Red Wine$151.00
Val di Vieso, “Caballa Loco”452Cabernet SauvignonValle Central Chile2014Red Wine$82.00
Valdivieso, “Single Vineyard”444Cabernet SauvignonMaipo Valley Chile2015Red Wine$50.00
Valdubon – Reserva855Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2009Red Wine$62.00
Valle dell’Acate, “Il Moro” – Nero d’Avola817Italian Red SiciliaItaly2009Red Wine$52.00
Venge Vineyards, “Silencieux”303Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$150.00
Veramonte60Sauvignon BlancCasablancaChile2018White Wine$39.00
Veramonte Primus, “The Blend”435Cabernet SauvignonColchagua Valley Chile2015Red Wine$60.00
Vescovi Ulzbach, “Vigilus” – Teroldego Rotaliano799Italian Red Trentino-Alto Adige Italy2012Red Wine$84.00
Veuve Cliquot13BrutReimsFranceNVSparkling Wine$72.00
Vice Versa307Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2005Red Wine$295.00
Villa Carlotti – Amarone della Valpolicella660Italian RedVenetoItaly2009Red Wine$80.00
Villa Le Prata – Brunello di Montalcino758Italian Red TuscanyItaly2007Red Wine$134.00
Villa Maria, “Reserve”201Pinot Noir Marlborough Oregon2009Red Wine$84.00
Villadoria709BarbarescoPiedmontItaly2009Red Wine$90.00
Vin Santo di Carmignano Riserva (375ml)1114Dessert WineTenuta di CapezzanaItaly2011Red Wine$94.00
Viña Cobos, “Bramare – Rebón Estate”2055MalbecLa ConsultaArgentina 2015Red Wine$550.00
Viña Requingua, “Potro de Piedra – Family Reserve”447Cabernet SauvignonCuricó Valley Chile2013Red Wine$65.00
Viña Tarapaca, “Gran Reserva”446Cabernet SauvignonMaipo Valley Chile2017Red Wine$59.00
Viticoltori de Conciliis, “Naima” – Paestum805Italian Red CampaniaItaly2004Red Wine$160.00
Viticoltori de Conciliis, “Zero” – Paestum806Italian Red CampaniaItaly2003Red Wine$140.00
Vizcarra Roble, “Senda del Oro”857Spanish Red Ribera del DueroSpain2018Red Wine$59.00
W. Gisselbrecht – Cremant d’Alsace23BrutAlsaceFranceNVSparkling Wine$46.00
Weinhaus Friedrich, “Bechtolsheimer Homberg” (375ml)1125Dessert WineOrtega TBAGermany1999White Wine$186.00
Weinhaus Friedrich, “Bechtolsheimer Sonnenberg” (375ml)1120Dessert WineOrtega BAGermany1999White Wine$125.00
Westend Estate585ShirazRiverinaAustralia2008Red Wine$51.00
William Hill Estate315Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2014Red Wine$100.00
ZD305Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2005Red Wine$114.00
ZD306Cabernet Sauvignon Napa ValleyCalifornia2007Red Wine$110.00
Zenato38Pinot Grigio VenetoItaly2018White Wine$38.00
Zenato – Ripassa – Valpolicella Superiore662Italian Red VenetoItaly2015Red Wine$87.00
Zenato – Amarone della Valpolicella Classico665Italian RedVenetoItaly2015Red Wine$175.00
Zenato, “Sergio Zenato” – Riserva – Amarone della Valpolicella Classico664Italian Red VenetoItaly2012Red Wine$250.00
Zenato, “Sergio Zenato” Lugana Riserva40TrebbianoLuganaItaly2015White Wine$96.00

Dear Taurus Community:

We are happy to announce that beginning on Friday, May 15th we will begin taking take-out orders for curb-side pickup. In addition to our regular take-out menu, we are offering complete dinner packages, with an option to grill your own steak, or make a selection from our butcher shop!

Our extensive wine selection is also now available to-go, with many specially priced bottles to choose from.

We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and staff members during service. All employees will be wearing mask and gloves, and we kindly ask our customers to use a face covering when picking up orders.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We wish you all the best, and look forward to serving you soon!


Taurus Steakhouse

Take-Out or Catering Events: Phone: 650-394-8878 Email: